establishment of quality


  A lot of people are wondering what Ovelos really means.


 Ovelos is the roasting spits, small or large used daily to cook the different meat, this method has been used in Greece for thousands of years.

  Ovelos also was an exchange unit or a currency for trading, just one step, before the drachma  and the drachma was, just one step, before the  euro.

  The idea for the name Ovelos came to me pretty easy, since the same period of time, when the restaurant got born the ECB was under construction too.
 My philosophy for my restaurant is to get back to the basic gastronomy or a step back from a gourmet style cuisine.
  So I took a step back with the name too.


  I was always fascinated by the

Greek cuisine.


  I remember when I was a kid, happy family meals even though my life had many ups and downs.

  I was born in Athens in1975 and then my father and I moved to Melbourne for a while, he always wanted the best for his family, then back to Greece, once again for a while.

  Since he was a leather goods master, he got an opportunity and moved to Offenbach.

  I moved to New York since my passion was to be in the jewelry industry and worked at 47th Street and Fifth Avenue, as a jeweler to the Trade, while I was attending school and I graduated in 1993.

  To tell you the truth all these years, I missed the familiar Greek tastes  and since I got back to Greece, I fell in love with one of the best home chefs, my Grandma.

  Her experience with the Greek cuisine was just pure and I was really lucky to see in person this old fashioned way of magic.

 At that time I was working as a diamond setter in the center of Athens and I never thought that her secrets will be helpful in this place called Ovelos.

  After a while, I moved to Mykonos island to work as a jeweler, when once again I felt in love with a unique Greek taste and with great personalities, my Godfather Alexis and Godmother Francine, who had the best restaurant on the island , "Alexis since 1970"

  This was the first time that I sensed all the forgotten tastes through my life, popping just  from simple meals.

  It was obvious that I wanted to join this team and create the same excitement that I had, for others.

  After all these years of experiences with my Nona, Nono and their chefs I had to move back to Athens.

  These guys were of the limit and above the perfect quality , it was something more important,  that they handed out to me and I thank them so much for this.
This something is called, Passion.

Vacation Point

  The story simply started through a phone conversation that I had with my Father, two years before the place had the grand debut.

   Offenbach for me was a stopover destination and holiday spot too, while I was going back and forth to US.

   I got the chance to have this restaurant, with the grateful support , of  my  father, my stepmother and my sister Anastasia, that believed in my daydreaming and in me.

   My quick vacation point became my living point and I love it.

   Many of our people just feel like they are on vacation when they come for lunch or dinner at Ovelos, I guess it has something to do with my vibes.

   So after all these places of traveling and living, Offenbach fits me a lot, mostly for the multiethnic environment that surrounds me.

   At last, the only thing that I often say to our people is, "You do not have to travel around the world, all you need to do is, visit Offenbach"