Ovelos -More than just a Gyro spot!

Welcome to Ovelos.
At first, I would like to thank you so much for dropping by.
To begin please do this for me as a big favor and inhale/exhale, at least three times, just before we can navigate together, through this web page and have fun with my concept.
Ovelos is my first personal approach in the gastronomy field, after a multi years of experience with some of the best chefs on Mykonos island.
I always wanted the feeling of a pure Greek taste, like I had as a young boy, before the profitable movement  sadly glided at this fascinating environment called ,food industry!
From the time that I attend my first spiritual seminar for clarity and purification, thanks to my Nona, (Godmother ), at the age of 33 in Stockholm, I knew that I had to provide to the world the best of me in a pure way.
Ovelos was at the back of my head like a daydream and once in a while it was popping out, until one day it became a passionate daily life, for me and my family.
The method of preparing my flavored jewels, (mostly at night), is a combination of Greek and Japanese style, with care, respect and knowledge.
Since I opened Ovelos, I keep on pushing in all aspects to the limit, for great results, from a flamboyant wine list to a delectable Greek taste.
In our sections above you may sense a bit of what my concept is all about, before you visit us for a great Ovelos experience.
So lets navigate through this website together, as I promised and I hope you enjoy our efforts.
Thank you once again.
Chef of Ovelos,
Andreas Ketselides